A sequel is defined on as:Edit

1. A literary work, movie, etc., that is complete in itself but continues the narrative of a preceding work.

2. An event or circumstance following something' subsequent course of affairs.

3. A result, consequence, or inference

Example: Aliens Quadrology and Prometheus

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Titanic: The Sequell This is a great example of many different versions of Remixable Media: sample, influence, mash-up, and a re-make, in order to create an unofficial sequel of mainstream blockbuster "Titanic."

The sequel of "Twilight":New Moon (Trailer):

The sequel of 'Aliens' : Prometheus by Ridley Scott (Trailer) can be found in videos section.

Scarlett: This is a literary work of the sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind.

Another example for a sequel is J.M. Coetzee's novel Foe. The title clearly refers to Daniel Defoe and his work Robinson Crusoe. This novel is a sequel to Robinson Crusoe as the story's main character, Susan Barlow, meets the original characters Robinson Crusoe ('Cruso') and his companion Friday when she, too, becomes a castaway on the same island as the two. This novel alters the original story by adding the female character Susan but also abides to much of the original story. 

[ Fanfic Sequel of A Labyrinth ( Jim Henson movie, 1986, starring David Bowie) ]

The Dark Knigth. This is a great sequel of Batman adventures. Heath Ledger gave a fantastic interpretation to the Joker, since Jack Nicholson's in Batman 1989. Comic book story universes are master illustrations of how sequels can expand narratives into Story Universes.

Titanic The Sequel04:29

Titanic The Sequel

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